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FPGA-Controlled Test Board Demo | Debug Validate

  • Control, debug, validate and test chips and boards with embedded instruments in an FPGA
  • Embed a tester into an FPGA without being an FPGA design expert
  • Increase test coverage
  • Run multiple instruments concurrently
  • Program flash memory at maximum speed
  • Access a growing library of instruments and IP

Let us show you how ScanWorks’ FPGA-Controlled Test can quickly validate, test and debug your chips and boards from an on-board FPGA. And you don’t even need the FPGA’s firmware. Simply select and configure the embedded instruments you need and ScanWorks does the rest, automatically configuring them into an on-chip tester architecture. Then you operate the tester from ScanWorks’ drag-and-drop user interface. When you’re done, just remove the tester.

New types of embedded instruments are constantly being added to the ScanWorks IP library. Already there’s memory BIST, memory link test, fast flash programming, pattern generator, capture buffer and many others.

Demo: Your major application areas/test challenges: Length: 15-30 min

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