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Trace Accelerates Debug Analysis in Complex Linux Systems

A SourcePoint® Case Study

The system crashes and after hours and hours – stretching into days and weeks – you think you’ve debugged the software. Turns out, that nasty bug wasn’t where you thought it was. Usually, with multicore SoCs running Linux, the root cause ends up in a remotely related process running on another core. You need trace and static analysis.

This case study steps through a structured debug process that takes advantage of both trace and static analysis tools to quickly show the engineer in a very visual way where root causes are. Instead of poring over code dumps, SourcePoint traces backwards and makes the right correlations to find what actually triggered the bug. And it works for ARM or Intel development projects.


  • Fast debug with trace and static analysis
  • Step-by-step process
  • Linux on Intel SoCs
  • Find root cause within remotely related processes