IEEE 1500

Standard for Embedded Core Test


Scope: IEEE Std 1500 is a scalable standard architecture for enabling test reuse and integration for embedded cores and associated circuitry. It foregoes addressing analog circuits and focuses on facilitating efficient test of digital aspects of systems on chip (SoCs). IEEE Std 1500 has serial and parallel test access mechanisms (TAMs) and a rich set of instructions
suitable for testing cores, SoC interconnect, and circuitry. In addition, IEEE Std 1500 defines features that enable core isolation and protection. IEEE Std 1500 will reduce test cost through improved automation, promote good design-for-test (DFT) technique, and improve test quality through improved access.

Inside the package...

IEEE Std 1500 was broadly influenced by the past work of the IEEE Std 1149.1™ Working Group and has several members from that group. IEEE Std 1149.1 and IEEE Std 1500 have similar goals at different levels of integration. IEEE Std 1149.1 describes a wrapper architecture and access mechanism designed for the purpose of testing components of a board whereas IEEE Std 1500 has a similar structure targeted towards testing cores in an SoC.

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