High-Speed I/O Check

Measure buses without hardware

Validate signal integrity

Meet your design tolerances

See the actual signals

With the non-intrusive software-based tools of the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments you see firsthand the integrity of bus signaling by looking inside the silicon on your board. You see what the receivers are seeing. ScanWorks tools don’t rely on touching the bus with a probe like oscilloscopes or logic analyzers do. ScanWorks empirically validates the signal integrity and measures actual performance at the receivers. And, because it’s software, ScanWorks is much more cost-effective than those expensive scopes that simulate the signal. ScanWorks shows you the actual signal.

Multiple Tools, Multiple Solutions

ScanWorks high-speed I/O and memory bus solutions draw on the multiple validation, test and debug tools that make up the platform. These tools capitalize on instruments that are embedded in the chips on your boards to perform various tests such as bit error rate testing (BERT), margin analysis and pattern generation.
As a software platform, ScanWorks is not limited to the capabilities of any one tool or toolkit. You can configure the platform with the tools you need. For example, ScanWorks can measure certain parameters like voltage and timing to provide the kind of defect test coverage that other tools can’t. In addition, the diagnostic capabilities of the ScanWorks validation tools offer a level of precision that reveals the specific nature of faults and failures.
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CPU & FPGA Support

ScanWorks supports Intel®, ARM®, Freescale™,
& other CPUs; Altera® and Xilinx® FPGAs.

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