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PCT Development Software

With the PCT Development software, design or test engineers can debug prototypes using low-level control of the processor, as well as develop test and diagnostics tools for manufacturing and repair facilities.
  • Control the processor directly through the JTAG port or the processor's debug port, running code at full speed
  • Write and read directly to registers or memory locations of devices connected to the processor
  • Create bus tests, memory tests and I/O scripts, using a scripting language
  • Create functional tests that do not require completed BIOS and/or operating systems, which may not yet exist during prototype testing
  • For supported processors, use an automatic test generator (ATG) to detect connected devices and select appropriate test operations
  • Save tests for specific components in a library for re-use on other boards that use those components

PCT Development Product Brief  Free Product Brief

  Product Datasheet for Intel® Processors

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PCT Diagnostic & Repair Software

The PCT Diagnostic & Repair software enables fast isolation of faults and the identification of their causes. Failed printed circuit boards coming off a manufacturing line or faulty product returned by a customer could be routed to a technician for diagnosis, repair and retest, transforming a liability into a revenue opportunity much sooner.

  • Diagnose failures to the bus or component level
  • Control individual tests
  • Read and write to specific registers or memory locations
  • Scope level stimulus


PCT Manufacturing Software

With the PCT Manufacturing software, test operators with minimal training can apply structural and functional tests to circuit boards on the assembly line. The return on investment is very fast due to the lower costs for hardware, software and labor. Re-use of tests developed during prototype stages also keeps engineering costs down.

  • Apply any test that is exported from a PCT development environment, along with some diagnostic guidance
  • Increase structural test coverage by running functional test code at full processor speed

  • Program flash devices using the speed of the processor
  • Test production boards without the need for complex and expensive fixtures
  • Re-use test and programming actions that were already developed during a product's design stage
  • Easily train new operators on the simple graphical user interface
  • Optionally run tests from a test executive, using an API

Free Product Brief

Product Datasheet for Intel® Processors

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PCT Embedded Diagnostics

With embedded PCT, information about difficult-to-reproduce failures in the field can be captured for analysis.

  • Embed functional-test IP in the board to store information for use in diagnosing failures that occur in the field
  • Access diagnostics remotely, using a PC interface of test executive



The ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments is supported by a wide variety of hardware controllers and accessories with which engineers can connect ScanWorks to their unit under test (UUT). Hardware is available for development, production and repair environments. The test platform required for ScanWorks is either a standard PC or a system with a built-in (embedded) JTAG controller.

Hardware types:
  • Ethernet hardware
  • USB hardware
  • PCIe hardware
  • PCI hardware
  • Other hardware

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Processor-Controlled Test Resources

There are two PCT movies; it is advisable to watch the PCT Overview before the PCT Demo to understand how PCT can help your specific test strategy.

  PCT Overview - an explanation of PCT's applications and benefits within an overall validation, test and debug strategy. Watch this before the PCT Demo.

  PCT Demo - a demonstration of the features and operation of the PCT user interface.

  Testing Intel® Xeon® 5500/Core™ i7 (Nehalem) platforms

    Board Test Strategies - Discusses the advantages of different test strategies for dealing with today's board test problems, such as limited access, complex IC's, etc.

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The ScanWorks platform validates performance, tests structural integrity and debugs hardware and firmware. And ScanWorks tests move along with the chips from design, into prototype board bring-up and on to volume manufacturing test. Cost-of-test is slashed by re-using tests over and over again.

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ScanWorks supports Intel®, ARM®, Freescale™,
& other CPUs; Altera® and Xilinx® FPGAs.

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