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eBook: Bandwidth tests reveal shrinking eye diagrams and signal integrity problems

DDR3, PCI Express, Intel® QPI, USB, ...

Bandwidth tests reveal shrinking eye diagrams and singal integrity problems - e-Book An old story compares the electronics industry’s unprecedented achievements with the automotive industry. If cars had kept pace with Silicon Valley, we could buy a vehicle with a V32 engine and capable of 10,000 mph; or a 30 pound car that gets 1,000 miles to the gallon — either one at a sticker price of less than $50!

The high-speed serdes and memory buses in today’s systems are a lot like that V32, 10,000 mph car screaming down a crowded highway with thousands of other cars. There’s not much margin for error at 10,000 mph. What if a car or a bit on a high-speed bus is going too fast? Or another is too slow? Or the one in the next lane is swerving into the wrong lane? They crash. On a high-speed bus it’s jitter, intersymbol interference (ISI) and crosstalk. And as the speed of a bus increases, the margin for error decreases and disruptions in traffic increase.
The authors of this ebook, Tim Caffee and Eric Johnson, are pioneers in the use of the Intel® IBIST embedded instrumentation architecture to validate high-speed I/O buses between chips on complex circuit boards. Download this e-book and learn why performance validation is so critical for today's complex and ultra-fast circuits.

Summary of learning ...
  • Signal integrity validation in general - no more probes!
  • Soft access validation from chip to chip
  • Gigatransfers per second (GT/s) and Intel IBIST
  • Validating high speed buses and DDR3 memory
  • Eye diagram: jitter, ISI, crosstalk and more



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