Connect Newsletter

ASSET InterTech's quarterly CONNECT newsletter is dedicated to providing in-depth technical information about the latest advances in test technology and the ScanWorks® Platform for Embedded Instrumentation, helping you achieve your professional objectives.

CONNECT - September 2011Connect September 2011

  • FPGA-controlled test – The newest evolution of embedded instrumentation!
  • White paper on FPGA-controlled test: How it works & its benefits
  • A new and easier way to validate Intel® Haswell designs
  • Combining multiple technologies to solve today's challenges
  • Modeling technique extends coverage further to more non-boundary scan devices
  • ASSET and Teradyne team up on large-scale mil/aero testers
  • ScanWorks validates PCI Express performance for add-in cards
  • New tech papers from ASSET experts hit the streets
  • Blog posts tackle hot topics – board bring-up, lane training failures, I/O circuit drift…

Connect May 2011CONNECT - May 2011

  • The reasons for having a platform for embedded instruments
  • The power of HSIO BIST for board validation, test and debug
  • Ways to overcome in-circuit test (ICT) redundancy
  • Combining multiple technologies to solve today's challenges
  • Ircona, Dublin use ScanWorks to validate high-speed bus designs
  • First embedded debugger for X86 platforms
  • ScanWorks wins award from Frost & Sullivan
  • ScanWorks offers first toolkit for IEEE 1687 IJTAG
  • Intel®-enabled, advanced tool now available for validating 2nd generation, 22nm Intel® Core™ high-speed buses
  • New IEEE P1838 being defined for 3D chip testing
  • ASSET partners with Flextronics to accelerate IEEE 1687 adoption
  • Recorded webinars on embedded diagnostics and non-intrusive board test are available for viewing
  • Links to magazine articles published by ASSET's technologists

Connect October 2010CONNECT - October 2010

  • Emerging IJTAG standard marks a new chapter in the evolution of embedded instrumentation
  • Overcoming probe-based validation and test inadequacies
  • New boundary-scan features speed test development
  • ASSET/Intel validation toolkit for DDR3 memory suppliers
  • Optimizing service processors in high-availability systems
  • ASSET/Test & Measurement World webinar on non-intrusive board test (NBT) online now
  • ASSETs presence will be pervasive at ITC
  • Ratification of IEEE P1687 IJTAG standard is expected next year
  • User survey reveals strengths of ScanWorks and where improvements will be made
  • IEEE 1149.7 reduced-pin boundary scan gets a boost from ASSET/IPextreme collaboration
  • New ASSET blog tracks latest industry trends
  • ASSET in the News - the latest articles written by ASSET experts
  • New user-friendly ASSET web site takes shape

Connect June 2010CONNECT - June 2010

  • Test is a value center, not a cost center
  • Next generation Processor-Controlled Test
  • IEEE 1149.7 and P1689 - dispelling the misconceptions
  • ScanWorks® delivers the test coverage that ICT can't
  • Testing DDR3 memory interconnects - new ScanWorks® features
  • Validation and test of boards carrying latest Intel® Xeon® 5600 and 7500 series and Itanium® 9300 series processors
  • Whitepaper: Embedded diagnostics are critical to high-availability systems
  • Random Patterns Test Blog: PCOLA/SOQ/FAM and many more interesting topics
  • Connect readership survey: win $100
  • ScanWorks® platform named finalist for EDN Innovation award
  • ASSET in the news: articles on embedded instrumentation and 3D chip test

Connect February 2010CONNECT - February 2010

  • Tremendous upside leverage from embedded instrumentation
  • Embedded instrumentation overcomes variations in manufacturing
  • ScanWorks® named Best in Test finalist twice!
  • Frost & Sullivan validates the industry’s need for embedded instrumentation
  • Embedded diagnostics bubbling to the top
  • Two new whitepapers address board test coverage and standards for 3D chip test
  • ScanWorks supports PLX’s embedded instrumentation in PCI Express chips
  • Strategic relationship with SiliconAid extends ScanWorks into chip test and verification
  • ASSET in the news: Al Crouch leads online discussion of 3D chip test
  • What’s New on the ASSET web site

Connect October 2009CONNECT - October 2009

  • Global recovery, Moore’s law, chip packaging and test
  • New IJTAG standard will generate millions for chip and system manufacturers
  • The emerging standards for 3D chip test
  • ASSET tutorial on 1149.7
  • New whitepaper explores NBT test coverage
  • LGA1366 interposer opens test access to Intel® Xeon® processors 5500 series and Core™ i7 processors
  • Social networking survey
  • A true-to-life story about mission-critical systems and what can go wrong with them - part 2
  • ASSET in the news: forthcoming articles on 3D Chip Test
  • ASSET Users Group meeting at ITC morphs into ScanWorks® Open Forum at ITC

Connect September 2009CONNECT - September 2009

  • Non-intrusive board test turns test & measurement inside out
  • Variances in PCB manufacturing processes can betray confidence in SerDes designs
  • Test strategies for the Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series, code-named Nehalem: a whitepaper
  • Supercomputer manufacturer Cray will embed ASSET ScanWorks® IP into next-generation systems
  • Economical and technological constraints drive industry to non-intrusive board test methods: a whitepaper
  • ASSET ScanWorks® is the first platform to support the validation and test of boards carrying the Intel® Xeon® Processor 5500 Series, via Intel® Interconnect BIST and Processor-Controlled Test
  • The new Dispatcher for the ScanWorks® platform allows tests and diagnoses to be batch processed on any number of boards, anywhere in the world
  • Interview with Tim Dehne, former National Instruments executive, who is excited about joining the ASSET board of directors
  • A true-to-life story about mission-critical systems and what can go wrong with them
  • ASSET in the news: forthcoming articles on non-intrusive board test
  • ASSET Users Group meeting at ITC: Non-intrusive board test and IJTAG discussions

Connect March 2009CONNECT - March 2009

  • Intel® QPI and IBIST validation using the ScanWorks® Platform - overcomes problems with testing high-speed serial buses
  • What's driving IJTAG (IEEE P1687) development - an interview with Al Crouch, ASSET's Chief Technologist for Core Instruments
  • The new IEEE 1149.7 standard enhances 1149.1 test access port, maintains compatibility for boundary scan - Adam Ley, ASSET's Chief Technologist for Boundary Scan explains
  • Embedded boundary scan IP and world wide remote test access via RIC-1000 - new tools that boost boundary scan flexibility of ScanWorks® platform
  • Glenn Woppman named one of only four finalists for EDN’s Innovator of the Year award
  • SJTAG applications: remote testing, diagnostics and firmware updates via the Internet - ScanWorks® for Embedded Boundary Scan IP
  • DesignCon paper discusses Intel® IBIST validation with ScanWorks® and explains some of the limitations of traditional validation techniques
  • ASSET's Remote Instrumentation Controller(RIC-1000) achieves "Finalist" status again in Best In Test Awards
  • ASSET joins Synopsys' in-Sync program to advance embedded instrumentation tools
  • BSDL Validation Service survey draws significant response
  • Training pays off for ScanWorks users (Flextronics)
  • Maxim App Note shows how to control system monitors with ScanWorks
  • ASSET making lots of news - several technical articles for industry publications
  • ASSET's embedded instrumentation ad campaign in Evaluation Engineering

Connect October 2008CONNECT - October 2008

  • Momentum Gathering Behind Embedded Instrumentation
  • A contemporary allegory - Part 2: Mr. PCB teaches Chip a thing or two about JTAG compliance
  • ASSET takes leadership position on iNEMI's boundary scan adoption initiative
  • Network license, new bundles simplify global deployment of MicroMaster CPU emulation functional test
  • Industry's first Internet-based controller takes place and time out of the test equation
  • ASSET brings test tools perspective to development of new IEEE 1149.7 standard
  • Your thoughts on BSDL validation service are worth something: A 32GB iPod touch!
  • MicroMaster supports Intel's new micro-architecture, Nehalem, and new system-on-a-chip family
  • ASSET and Cadence work together to drive embedded instrumentation
  • ScanWorks supports Avago's SerDes cores with Intel® IBIST
  • Maxim seeks ScanWorks’embedded instrumentation support for system and power management chips
  • ASSET in the news

Connect May 2008CONNECT - May 2008

  • Introducing the NEW ASSET InterTech
  • Engineers keep an eye on signal integrity issues
  • ASSET commits to IJTAG tools development
  • ScanWorks controller is first to support three types of embedded instrumentation
  • Reducing stress on components improves system reliability
  • ASSET® Joins Mentor OpenDoor Program to ensure JTAG interoperability
  • Osborn dispels confusion over processor emulation
  • A contemporary allegory: Chip learns a lesson from Mr. PCB

Connect February 2008CONNECT - February 2008

  • Converging technologies prompt merger of ASSET and ITT
  • MicroMaster delivers extensive test coverage
  • Test company puts ScanWorks to the test
  • ASSET acquires International Test Technologies
  • ScanWorks boosts its support for Intel®'s embedded instruments
  • Survey drawing winner finds test development fast and easy with ScanWorks
  • Fenton sees bright future following ASSET and ITT merger
  • Activity Analyzer can optimize use of ScanWorks licenses

Connect October 2007CONNECT -October 2007

  • Looking back and seeing the future
  • BGAs are a tough nut to crack (and diagnose)
  • Agilent and ASSET extend strategic collaboration
  • Nortel jumps on the hosted license server bandwagon
  • ITC will keep ASSET people hopping
  • PICMG's® ATCA® considers boundary scan
  • New JTAG switching device targets PICMG systems
  • Speed is of the essence. And diagnostic tools!

CONNECT - August 2007Connect August 2007

  • “Maximizing Test Coverage”strikes a chord
  • Dotting your “i’s”not enough. Validate your 1149.1!
  • TelStrat turns to ScanWorks for complex device testing
  • Embedded instruments link boundary scan to innovative design validation technologies
  • Test Coverage webcast draws interesting responses from participants
  • IJTAG working group passes first milestone
  • And the winner of the Bose headphones is…

CONNECT - April 2007Connect April 2007

  • New DFT Labs fill a void in marketplace
  • ROI makes boundary scan a good fit for anyone’s budget
  • Standards development benefits entire industry
  • ScanWorks’External I/O Management increases test coverage
  • DFT Analyzer named one of three finalists in prestigious DesignVision Awards
  • New Boundary Scan Tutorialfeatures expanded content
  • New video explores ASSET’s role in the emergence of boundary scan
  • Survey shows best-in-class user satisfaction for ScanWorks
  • Discover the rewards of Scan Path Discovery
  • Boundary scan emerges as a prime test and validation method for high-speed serial buses

CONNECT - October 2006Connect October 2006

  • More than just a pretty face…Usability? Take Microsoft’s word for it.
  • Embedded test structures are critical to validating and testing designs with high-speed buses.
  • Fitting in by standing out: A closer look at assembly test
  • ASSET presents one paper, co-authors another at ITC
  • IJTAG standard making progress –Demo scheduled for International Test Conference
  • Remote embedded system JTAG demonstrated at ITC
  • New ScanWorks controller combines boundary-scan and functional emulation testing
  • BSDL validation accelerates introduction of “dot-6”devices
  • ASSET opens Boundary Scan Technology Center in Malaysia
  • New features enhance openness of ScanWorks

CONNECT - May 2006Connect May 2006

  • Telecom turning to boundary scan
  • MicroTCA spec close to standardizing on boundary scan
  • New ScanWorks helps reduce ICT test points, cuts fixture costs
  • BSDL files can validate a chip’s JTAG implementation
  • Boundary-Scan Technology Center opens in China
  • Streamlining JTAG testability accelerates tool’s return-on- investment
  • ASSET explains automated, rules-based JTAG DFT at European Board Test Workshop
  • ASSET case study of high-speed bus testing presented at ITC
  • Users awarded iPods for participating in survey
  • System-level JTAG shown in proof-of-concept demonstration

CONNECT - February 2006Connect February 2006

  • Good, Better, Best In Test!
  • Accuracy of BSDL has far-reaching consequences
  • ASSET recognized as Best-in-Test for third consecutive year!
  • Flexible configurations accelerate integration of ScanWorks with ICT systems
  • Getting the lead out puts boundary scan in the mix
  • IJTAG effort strives to simplify chip-level test
  • ITC attendees briefed on ScanWorks for Intel® IBIST
  • User Group gets the inside skinny on new products, services and support
  • ASSET grades highly with users

CONNECT - November 2005Connect November 2005

  • DFT: Tackling the tough issues
  • Validate testability before prototypes built
  • ASSET and Agilent collaborate on web-based BSDL validation service
  • International Test Technologies Processor-Controlled Test (formally MicroMaster) now supports ScanWorks’ Intel® IBIST
  • Enhancements to ScanWorks Design Browser turns a few heads
  • ITC meetings reveal an evolving 1149.1 boundary scan standard
  • New ScanWorks 3.7 adds NAND programming, STAPL conversion, other features
  • ASSET helping to define test technology for PICMG’s TCA standards
  • New Examples Library offers shortcuts to functional code
  • Test & Measurement World interviews ASSET CEO
  • System-level boundary-scan test will highlight ASSET’s ITC and Productronica booths

CONNECT - July 2005Connect July 2005

  • System-Level JTAG tames those rising support, warranty, field service and other costs
  • Planning for System-Level JTAG begins early
  • Hundreds of processors now supported by Extended JTAG Coverage’s functional processor emulation testing
  • New licensing options ensure ScanWorks is always-on
  • ScanWorks delivers support where and when it’s needed
  • New USB controller deals three aces: portability, convenience, cost-effectiveness
  • New ScanWorks streamlines test application by combining AC and DC tests in one test action
  • ScanWorks breaks into consumer electronics with Microsoft’s Xbox 360

CONNECT - April 2005Connect April 2005

  • Medalist ScanWorks marks a new phase for the ASSET-Agilent Relationship
  • When are tests good enough? ScanWorks’fault reports lead to better tests, better test coverage
  • French telecomm firm shares a ScanWorks license between two facilities 800 km apart
  • ASSET web site gets a face lift
  • And the winner is….ScanWorks for second year in a row!
  • Concurrent programming could increase efficiency by 30 percent
  • Medalist ScanWorks is Agilent’s premiere JTAG tool on the new i5000 ICT and all 3070 systems
  • Cisco engineer wins iPod! Webster at BAE Systems finishes second
  • Webster has been committed to ScanWorks and boundary scan

Connect December 2004CONNECT - December, 2004

  • We do boundary scan right!
  • System test with boundary scan
  • ScanWorks will be first to support Intel’s next-generation design validation and test methodology –Intel® IBIST
  • ScanWorks becomes the first JTAG system with processor emulation for extended test coverage
  • ScanWorks tackles high-speed Gb/sec buses with new 1149.6 capabilities
  • Win an iPod! Add to ASSET’s growing library of non-boundary scan device models
  • New ScanWorks shows versatility of boundary scan
  • EMS firm finds that ScanWorks pays for itself by saving "money, time and company resources"

Connect August 2004CONNECT - August, 2004

  • Test Re-Use: An Idea Whose Time Has Come
  • Enhancements to ScanWorks include the latest test advancements
  • Leading DVD chipset supplier turns to ScanWorks to ensure quality of devices
  • ScanWorksAPI easily integrates JTAG tests into NI’s LabView, TestStand and others
  • ASSET’s chief technologist will present on 1149.6 testing at third annual Board Test Workshop
  • Agilent and ASSET collaborate on new 3070 test re-use products
  • NOW PLAYING! New ScanWorks videos show how easy boundary scan can be

Connect May 2004CONNECT - May, 2004

  • Clearing the air on multiple scan paths
  • ScanWorks Version 3.4 –What else is coming?
  • Simplicity of ScanWorks speeds up HP’s time-to-test
  • Sophisticated device modeling is key to optimizing automatic test generation
  • Lead-free solder may shift test methods toward boundary scan
  • New Partner Provider to support fast growing Asian market

Connect January 2004CONNECT - January, 2004

  • Value of ScanWorks® shines on every segment of marketplace
  • Discovering ease-of-use with a new Assistant
  • ScanWorks® tracks down faults missed by other test methods
  • Boundary scan and CPU emulation team up to increase product quality
  • ScanWorks® maintenance is founded on solid support, but offers much more
  • Guidelines help smooth the implementation of new TopCAT features
  • Scripting automates labor-intensive gaps in manufacturer's test processes

Connect September 2003CONNECT - September, 2003

  • New boundary-scan standard (IEEE Std 1149.6) will test high-speed interconnects
  • Test strategies improve when boundary scan teams up with functional test
  • ScanWorks/3070 saves Lucent $1 million
  • Hardware options supporting ScanWorks are many and varied
  • TopCAT automation and productivity enhancements highlight new ScanWorks 3.3.2
  • New TopCAT automation technology for ScanWorks unveiled at ITC (Booth 1328)
  • PXI controller enhances ScanWorks' compatibility with NI's test executives
  • PXI State of the Union
  • New Four-TAP Buffer Pod improves test coverage and throughput

Connect May 2003CONNECT - May, 2003

  • Get Connected
  • How Process Automation Scripting cuts test development time from days to minutes
  • ScanWorks reduces test costs and improves coverage for Vivace Networks' extremely complex boards
  • ScanWorks 3.3 reduces memory test development times
  • New multiple-port PCI-400 controller adds to the speed and flexibility of ScanWorks™
  • Two new ScanWorks web libraries make test and programming development easier
  • Linking manufacturing to design with boundary scan
  • Boundary scan helps EMS companies cut test costs and increase revenues
  • Test Tips - Automation in ScanWorks 3.3 increases user productivity
  • ScanWorks for the Agilent 3070 completes successful assessment at Jabil Circuit
  • Using boundary scan to link design and manufacturing test

CPU & FPGA Support

ScanWorks supports Intel®, ARM®, Freescale™,
& other CPUs; Altera® and Xilinx® FPGAs.

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