ASSET and Arium Merge

ScanWorks® and SourcePoint™

Imagine a platform that integrates software and hardware debug together. So what? Now envision a solution that provides separate HW/SW views of the same problem. Then determine the root cause. That would be powerful, wouldn't it?

Track & Trace of soft and hard problems in boards and SoC's. Stronger support for Intel and ARM based designs. More code visibility from prototype to product deployment...now that's exciting.

Larry Traylor, CEO Arium, and Glenn Woppman, CEO ASSET,
talk about the benefits of the ScanWorks® platform breaking
new ground with the SourcePoint™ software debug tools.
Check out ‘The Story’ behind ASSET and Arium merging and what this means for debug, validation and testing of boards and SoC’s!
  • More visibility
  • Quicker debug
  • Software/hardware root causing


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