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ScanWorks board test and debug solutions deliver the coverage that legacy probe-based intrusive tools can’t touch – literally – because probe access is disappearing. The ScanWorks software tools don’t need it. What you need is better and more cost-effective coverage. And ScanWorks has you covered. The multiple software-based tools that make up ScanWorks are flexible and configurable. You decide on your test and debug strategies and the ScanWorks platform taps into the instruments embedded on your boards to provide better and more cost-effective coverage.

Non-Intrusive Board Test (NBT)

The ScanWorks NBT solution can involve any or all of the board test tools that comprise the platform. You simply deploy the tools that make sense for your test strategy. In one case it could be boundary-scan test and processor-controlled test (PCT), while another strategy might add high-speed I/O validation and test. On boards that incorporate FPGAs, additional coverage can be generated by FPGA-controlled test (FCT). The synergy from deploying various combinations is powerful. Correlating test results from one toolset with those generated by one or several others often uncovers faults and failures that might have been missed. By combining tests that cover structural, functional and performance faults, test coverage is maximized.

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Embedded Debugging

Failure analysis on systems in the field is often a case of too little, too late. Forensic tools to determine root causes of failures have little or no data to work with since most data is lost when a system fails. Fortunately, the ScanWorks embedded diagnostics solution can be embedded in a board’s firmware and operate independently of any system software or BIOS.

If a system in the field crashes or just hangs up, ScanWorks embedded diagnostics automatically gathers failure analysis data that the operating system would have lost. With this data you’ll be able to improve system reliability over time. ScanWorks embedded diagnostics supports all of the typical debugging routines, such as reading and writing to registers, to memory, and to I/O interfaces; setting and retrieving breakpoints; and single-stepping through code. In particular, embedded diagnostics draws on the capabilities of ScanWorks processor-controlled test (PCT).

ScanWorks® Embedded Diagnostics  ScanWorks® Embedded Diagnostics

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